Multiple Sensors along One Optical Fiber

Utilize up to 30 fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors at arbitrary positions along one optical fiber for the distributed measurement of strain, temperature or pressure.

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Fiber Bragg Gratings – The Optical Strain Gauge

A fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is a microstructure within the core of an optical fiber comprising a periodic modulation of the refractive index of the underlying glass material. If broadband light guided within the core hits on this periodic microstucture one specific wavelength gets reflected and all other wavelengths of the guided broadband light can pass unhindered.

The periodicity of the FBG defines which specific wavelength gets reflected and is perpetually inscribed into the glass like a spectral finger print. Only if an external force or change in temperature is induced to the microstructure, the periodicity of the FBG will change slightly leading to a specific wavelength shift of the light reflected at the FBG.

Innovative Technology

Compared to their electrical counterparts, sensors within optical fibers have fundamental advantages like totally electromagnetic immunity. Most importantly, one can interrogate lots of sensors within a single optical fiber at arbitrary locations along both great and minimal distances, besides of being as thin as a human hair, weighing next to nothing, and running robustly at high temperatures or even in highly corrosive and high radiation environments.

With our over 10years developed fully-automated femtosecond laser process we create fiber Bragg gratings within nearly all possible spectral configurations. As we focus directly into the core of practically all available fiber types and through almost all fiber coatings we produce FBG sensor chains spliceless at any longitudes.


  • Up to 30 sensors in one single fiber
  • Ultrathin and lightweight
  • Electromagnetic immune
  • Safe in explosive and high radiation environments

FiSens® FBG Sensors

FBG Sensor

Single FBG Sensor Chain

Standard Single FBG Sensor

High-quality, cost-effective One-point FBG sensor

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FBG Sensor Chain

Customizable Single FBG Sensor

Customizable, high-quality FBG sensor

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FBG Sensor Chain (FBG Array)

Customizable FBG Sensor Chain

Standard FBG Sensor Chain

High-quality, cost-effective FBG sensor chain of up to 20 FBG sensors

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Customizable FBG Sensor Chain

Customizable FBG Sensor Chain

Customizable, high-quality FBG sensor chain of up to 30 FBG sensors

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