The Smallest Possible Spectrometer

Encoding all optical components of a common spectrometer into the core of a fiber.

FiSens GmbH - Spectrometer and Interrogator

The FiSpec® Family

Built upon our proprietary FiSpec® diffraction grating we offer high-resolution and ultra-miniature spectrometers for the visible to near-infrared region as well as compact and low-cost interrogation systems for the evaluation of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors.

Innovative Technology

The optical spectrometers and FBG interrogators of our FiSpec® family are set apart by the fact that they combine a compact size with a high spectral resolution. The core of these systems is our unique FiSpec® diffraction grating combining all components for optical imaging usually needed for a common spectrometer within a single fiber-integrated nanoscopic structure. Instead of a cumbersome and expensive macroscopic alignment of various optical components like slits, lenses, mirrors and optical gratings, we directly inscribe the functional spectrometer with our femtosecond laser process into the core of a standard telecom fiber. Enabled by this fully-automated, nanometer-precise and highly reproducible production approach we offer our customers an entry point into the space of spectrometery and fiberoptic sensing with an unprecedented quality and economic efficiency.

FiSpec® Spectrometer Systems

FBG Interrogators

FiSpec FBG X100

FiSpec FBG X100

High-resolution, cost-effective and compact FBG-interrogation system (based on microspectrometer and embedded light source)


FiSpec One X150

FiSpec FBG X150

Ultra-high-resolution, fast and cost-effective FBG-interrogation system (based on microspectrometer and embedded light source)

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