FiSens FiSpec X400, FiSens FiSpec X1002, and FiSens X100 placed on the left, another X100 interrogator with FBG Sensor Array attached on the right

Cutting-Edge Fiberoptic Sensing

Integrated FBG Solutions for Accurate Measurements


Precision Amidst Challenging Conditions

Next-Generation Sensor Performance

FiSens develops, manufactures, and markets accurate fiberoptic sensor solutions based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor arrays and fiber-integrated spectrometers. Our optical fibers offer high sensing multiplexing capability on the smallest possible footprint, while maintaining mechanical and signal integrity even in harsh environments.


About Us

Industrializing Fiberoptic Sensing

FiSens has developed high-performance FBG hardware from the ground up: compact, precise, and reliable. We continuously advance our products and manufacturing excellence to ensure the specifications that are most important to you.


Artificial Nervous System

Engineered for Unlimited Applications

FiSens fiberoptic sensors enhance your products to the next level, from smart fan blades and structurally monitored bridges to tactile medical instruments.



Our Customers worldwide

FiSens technology is widely used, with various companies and organizations, from industry and science to deep tech, placing their trust in FiSens FBG sensors and sensing systems.