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The process industry, including pharmaceutical, chemical, and steel manufacturing, faces numerous challenges in transitioning to a fully digi Industry 4.0. One key issue is the need for reliable and accurate sensor technology to monitor and control industrial processes. This is where Fibre Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors come in – they provide a highly effective solution for precise and real-time monitoring of multiple critical process parameters, helping to ensure product quality and process efficiency.

Precision from -253°C up to 800°C

Multipoint Thermometer

Due to their inherently passive properties, optical fibers can be employed noise-free in harsh environments. The permanently inscribed FBG in fused silica cores can withstand long-term exposure to cryogenic conditions down to liquid hydrogen and high temperatures up to 800°C. FiSens provides plug-and-play sensor solutions based on stainless steel lances, ceramic tubings and others for insertion into any kind of process chamber.

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Thermal Mapping & Overheat Detection

The use of FBG technology allows for multiple sensing points along a single fiberoptic cable, making it ideal for detecting potential wear, aging, and leakage along critical pipes, valves, and gaskets. Our multi-channel FBG Interrogators, combined with several FBG arrays, can cover larger production spaces, providing a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable sensing solution.