four windturbines standing between clouds



With aging infrastructure and increased demand for renewable energy sources, it’s more important than ever to find suitable monitoring solutions that can reduce downtime, improve performance, and minimize costs. FiSens fiberoptic sensing products enable proactive maintenance, precise condition monitoring, and early detection of potential problems.

Key advantages

Sensing at the Edge

FiSens fiberoptic sensing products offer several key advantages in energy applications, including complete immunity to electromagnetic interference, high sensitivity, and accuracy. Our sensors can be used in harsh environments, from cryogenic to high-temperature conditions without any additional noise. Furthermore, the ability to be used in a multiplexed network allows a cost-effective monitoring of multiple assets and parameters over long distances.


Embedded Diagnostics for Increased Lifetime

Fiberoptic sensors play a critical role in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of wind power plants. Our FBG sensors can provide real-time monitoring and early detection of blade failures, enabling timely repairs and preventing catastrophic damage. They are immune to lightning strikes and can be easily installed from the inside of the blade. Additionally, FBG sensors integrated into wind turbine bearings provide a unique solution for monitoring turbine health, detecting signs of wear and damage before they become critical.