Highest Quality and Cost-effective

FBG Sensor Array 1550nm

We offer the highest-quality fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor arrays, inscribed with the most advanced fs-laser point-by-point inscription process. We provide all required FBG specifications tailored to your needs, from custom wavelengths, over low/high reflectivities to narrow/wide bandwidths. Our FBG arrays are available as bare fibers or furtherly assembled with standard telecom connectors and additional tubing and capillaries for direct use.

Advanced fiber Bragg grating sensors

Ultra-high Strength and Low Transmission Loss

Our Ultra-high strength (UHS) FBGs combine the best possible specifications for FBG sensors at 1550nm. In addition to their ultimate strain limit of typically 5-6%, they exhibit virtually no transmission loss, enabling the production of medium reflectivity FBG arrays with quantities over 2,000 pieces. Additionally, they exhibit the lowest polarization dependency and a very high side lobe suppression.

As a high-volume manufacturer of all kinds of different FBG arrays, we are accustomed to supporting your individual needs and would be happy to discuss your requirements.


100% Inline Quality Control

FBG Manufacturing Excellence

All FBG sensors are produced at their center wavelengths with typically less then 50pm deviation. They are measured inline during production using a calibrated Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) and are automatically documented for full traceability. Each FBG is produced and marked with low positional tolerances of typically 1-2mm. Thanks to our ISO 6 clean-room environment, the finished FBG array is very clean when directly packaged onto a spool and into a bubble bag.

Up to 30 FBG

Fiberoptic Rapid Prototyping

We offer unique customization of FBG sensing fibers, cables, and capillaries to support your individual application scenario. Up to 30 FBG sensors can be configured at arbitrary positions along the fiber, which can have a maximum length of up to 500m. Spacing distances between two FBG sensors can be as minimal as 2mm or as long as the whole fiber length. Use our Ordering Matrix for a better explanation of how to use our Configurator.

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The technology in figures

Technical specs

Product advantages at a glance


  • Ultra thin and low weight
  • Passive and Electromagnetic Immune
  • Most Cost-effective
  • Low Transmission Loss
  • Very flexible
  • Up to 30 FBG along arbitrary positions
  • Very low Polarization Dependence
  • High Thermal Stability up to 350/800°C


Key Figures

Max FBG Sensors per Fiber
FBG Length
FBG Wavelength Range
Response Time
50-200ms (depending on tubing)
Thermal Stability
<350°C (strain), <800°C (temperature, depending on tubing)
Polarization Dependency
<5pm (typical)
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