Highest Quality and Cost-effective

FBG Sensor Array 850nm

Highest-quality fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor arrays housed in custom tubings and capillaries for direct use. The FBG fibers are assembled with FC/APC connectors and configured with central wavelengths to be interoperable with all our FiSpec FBG Interrogators.

Pinpoint Precision

Advanced fiber Bragg grating sensors

Our FBG sensors at 850nm are extremely small, measuring only 1-2mm in length.
This short length facilitates more precise sensor positioning, enabling
high spatial resolution of strain and temperature profiles.
Due to their small cores, light can be guided without losses
even in small critical bending radii down to 5mm.

Up to 30 FBG

Fiberoptic Rapid Prototyping

We offer unique customization of FBG sensing fibers, cables, and capillaries to support your individual application scenario. Up to 30 FBG sensors can be configured at arbitrary positions along the fiber, which can have a maximum length of up to 500m. Spacing distances between two FBG sensors can be as minimal as 2mm or as long as the whole fiber length. Use our Ordering Matrix for a better explanation of how to use our Configurator.

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Capillary Options

Fully-integrated Thermal Sensing Solution

To provide reliable and repeatable measurements of accurate temperatures, we provide completely enclosed tubing and capillaries. Inside, the fibers are mechanically decoupled to avoid any cross-sensitivity to ambient mechanical forces.


The technology in figures

Technical specs

Product advantages at a glance


  • Ultra thin and low weight
  • Passive and Electromagnetic Immune
  • Most Cost-effective
  • Short FBG length
  • Very flexible
  • Up to 30 FBG along arbitrary positions
  • Very low Polarization Dependence
  • High Thermal Stability up to 350/800°C


Key Figures

Max FBG Sensors per Fiber
FBG Length
FBG Wavelength Range
Response TIme
50-200ms (depending on tubing)
Thermal Stability
<350°C (strain), <800°C (temperature, depending on tubing)
Polarization Dependency
<5pm (typical)
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