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The logistics sector is faced with increasing pressure to streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Automation and Tracking are two key areas where these challenges are particularly acute. In order to optimize logistics operations, accurate and reliable monitoring of key parameters such as temperature, strain, and vibration is essential. Fiber optic sensing technology provides an ideal solution, offering high-precision and non-invasive monitoring capabilities that can improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of logistics operations.

Key Advantages

Excessive Load Detection

As automation takes on an increasingly larger role in material handling, sensor technology is critical for maintaining safety and increasing operational efficiency. To prevent forklifts from overloading and tipping over, our FBG sensors provide highly precise measurements of fork deformation and its load. Optical fibers based on fused silica have high elasticity, which results in good repeatability and no hysteresis, making them an ideal choice for this application.


Wholistic & Continuous Quality Control

Fisens offers a range of advanced multipoint temperature sensing fibers and cables that are ideal for permanently mapping the spatially distribution of temperatures in reefer contrainers. To ensure and guarantee carrier-independent monitoring of proper temperature, ventilation and humidity over the full transport, one fiberoptic cable with up to 30 sensor points can be easily utilized to track real-time data around all sections of the container.