Dr. Jan Koch assembling a FiSpec interrogator.

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FiSens – Cutting-Edge Fiberoptic Sensing

FiSens is a high-technology company based on strong roots. Learn more about our experience, fields of expertise or history.


We Combine Advanced Technology with Manufacturing Excellence

We are a team of several physicists, engineers and production experts. Our vision is to enable others creating even better, more intelligent and safer products utilizing our fiberoptic sensing product platform.

For more than ten years we have been developing our own fully-automated manufacturing processes for high-volume production of fiber optic sensors and fiber-integrated spectrometers.

Behind our Products

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Combined experience of over 30 years



As a spin-off from Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute and formerly funded by the Photonics Incubator, our company was founded by Dr. Christian Waltermann and Philip Erik Guehlke in September 2017 in Braunschweig, Germany.


Series-A financing led by Extorel GmbH (Prof. Falk Strascheg), Carl Baasel, and NBank Capital.


Start of new high-volume fs-laser factory and launch of first fiber-integrated spectrometer FBG-Interrogator X100.


Doubling of the fs-laser production capacity and reaching Break-even milestone.


Launch of first multi-channel FBG-Interrogator X400 for simultaneous measurement of up to 120 FBG sensors.


Reaching production milestone of over 1mio. FBG sensors in more than 100tsd. fiber arrays.

A Team of Experts

FiSens Management

Dr. Christian Waltermann

Technical Director

Philip Erik Guehlke

Managing Director

Dr. Jan Koch

Head of Product Development

Dr. Wolfgang Schippers

Head of Research and Advance Development

Alexander Doering

Head of Sensor Production

A Team of Experts

Production and Logistics

Luis López

Head of Interrogator Production

Iwona Grabowska

FBG Production Expert

Jürgen Deller

Fiber Assembly Expert

Christoph Kania

Interrogator Production Expert

Stella Krull

Production Expert

Corinna Horn

Production Expert

Philipp Schuster

Head of Logistics

A Team of Experts

Research & Development

Vladislav Reimer

Scientific Project Manager

Alexander Mehren

Head of Mechanical Design

Jeffrey Klepka

Product Development

Dr. Steffen Thies

Development Engineer

A Team of Experts

Sales and Marketing

Metin Akar

Head of Sales and Marketing

Luisa Benger

Mediadesign and Marketing

Hardi Mankodi

Sales and Marketing Assistant

A Team of Experts

Administration and IT

Andrea Dvorak

Head of Administration

Anna Pfeiffer

Trainee Administration

Frank Pfeiffer

IT Administration