Precise, Compact and Cost-Effective

FiSpec FBG X1000

Compact, precise and fast fully-integrated FBG Interrogator with embedded light source, on-board processing and simultaneous streaming of up to 24 wavelength, strain or temperature values at up to 2kHz. Rugged engineering based on advanced materials ensuring first-class thermal, vibrational and polarization stability for accurate fiberoptic measurements.

Precision and Accuracy at your Fingertips

Ultra-precise Strain Sensing

The X1000 takes Strain Measurements with FiSpec Interrogators to the next level. With a typical precision better than 1μm/m (@1kHz, σ) even smallest stresses or loads become clearly visible.

Like all FiSpec Interrogators the X1000 simultaneously measures all FBG wavelength shifts along the optical fiber with high linearity and absolute accuracy.

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Precision and Accuracy at your fingertips

Multipoint Vibration Sensing

With a maximum sampling speed of 2kHz the FiSpec X1000 enables you to anaylze even fast vibration patterns or react immediately on critical events. The high-speed streaming mode guarantees a simultaneous read-out of all FBG sensors with a stable timing without any dark times nor missing frames.

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Up to 24 FBG sensors

Fully integrated Sensing solution

The X1000 is interoperable with all customizable FiSens FBG sensor arrays. Together they can be directly used to record a spatial profile of temperatures, strains or vibrational behaviour.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Sensing Needs

Introducing the X1000 Series

The X1000 is available in two configurations: the X1000-2, a two-port interrogator, and the X1000-4, a four-port variant. Whether your application demands a setup with 2 fibers each having 12 FBG sensors or four fibers each comprised of up to 6 FBG sensors, the X1000 Series is meticulously engineered to give you full flexibility.

FiSpec FBG Interrogator

Accuracy in Graphs

The Product in Detail

What's inside?

Product advantages at a glance


  • Plug & Play System
  • Compact Size and Low Weight
  • Fast Simultaneous Sampling up to 2kHz
  • High Polarization Stability
  • High Precision with 1µm/m (@1kHz, σ)
  • High Thermal and Vibrational Stability
  • Energy-efficient, only 2W Power
  • On-board FBG Analysis


Key Figures

Number of Channels
Number of Fiber Ports
FBG Sensors per Channel
Up to 24
Max Sampling Range (USB)
2kHz (highspeed mode)
Wavelength Range
Measurement Precision
from 0,1°C | 1μe (1kHz)
Digital Measurement Precision
0,01°C | 0,01μe
Thermal Stability
<1µe/0,1°C per 1°C
Polarization Dependency
<5μe/0,5°C (2σ)
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More to know


What is special about the X1000?

The X1000 is a fully-integrated FBG Interrogator combining both a compact/energy-efficient design as well as a 2khz/high-precision simultaneous read-out of FBG sensors – all at a cost-effective price point.

In which situtations can the high Sampling Rate of the X1000 come in handy?

The X1000 can be used for Process Control, Predicitive Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Impact Detection or other dynamic applications.