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Medical professionals encounter numerous challenges when performing minimal- or non-invasive diagnostic procedures, where their view is often limited. This can make it difficult to monitor critical physiological parameters, detect early signs of complications, and achieve successful outcomes. To overcome these challenges, FiSens provides highly accurate fiberoptic sensors that offer real-time spatial sensing both inside and outside the body.

Key Advantages

Spatial Pinpoint Precision

Up to 30 FBG sensor points can be read out simultaneously, providing an evaluation of the spatially distributed temperature profile along the instrument and surrounding tissue. Each sensor point measures only 1mm in length and can detect tiny temperature variations of 0.1K in less than 200ms, resulting in pinpoint precision with fast response times. Additionally, optical fibers with polyimide coating are biocompatible, while fs-laser written FBG sensors maintain their maximum mechanical integrity and flexibility.

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Sensing with Minimal Footprint

We offer ultra-thin sensing fibers measuring only 105-155 µm in diameter, which can be minimally integrated into surgical instruments, like guidewires, catheters and endoscopes. Additionally, our sensors are intrinsically immune to electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements even in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields.