Femtosecond Laser Processing

We are pioneers in the production of innovative sub-micron structures within optical fibers. Learn more about our technology.

Direct Writing through Coating and Cladding

Direct Writing through Coating and Cladding

Based on our proprietary developed femtosecond laser processing technology we produce fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) fully automatic point by point. We directly inscribe the FBGs into the core of the fiber without any interference with the surrounding cladding and coating.

Our manufacturing process has an exceptional geometrical precision of less than 20nm along the entire FBG structure. Moreover any inscribed modulation of the refractive index of the glass core is spectrally documented via an inline-quality inspection control.

Shaping Spectra at Nanoscale

Our proprietary FiSpec® Grating diffracts light guided within an optical fiber core.

After several years of development, we have managed to integrate a precise lens function into our FiSpec® Grating by which light is not only coupled out but also directly focused onto a detector plane.

By this unique approach we achieve a spectrometer with an outstanding ratio of physical resolution to focal length. This proceeds from the observation that the core of the fiber acts as a slit itself and by its virtue of being a waveguide, directs all light at high densities through all lines of our FiSpec® Grating.

Shaping Spectra at Nanoscale
FBG Array Customization

Customization of FBG arrays

Without any additional production steps like decoating or splicing we are able to offer FBGs at arbitrary positions along the fiber. Whether 24 or up to a 1000 FBGs packed tightly within minimal adjacent distances of only 1mm or distributed along the fiber with greater distances of several meters, we can produce it for you.

Due to our direct writing fs-laser process we are able to produce FBGs in almost any optical fiber available on the market having coatings like acrylate, polyimide or even carbon polyimide or within specialt fibers like bend-insensitive, gradient index, radiation resistant or within multicore fibers.

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